1967 Ford Bronco, Early Classic Modified and Restored

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Bfix "What's a Bronco?"
Bfix "What's a Bronco?"
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1967 Ford Bronco, Early Classic Modified and Restored

Post by real_crazyhorse » Thu Jan 12, 2006 11:02 am


I'm nearly complete with a 2.5 year restoration of a 1967 Classic Early Ford Bronco just in time for the 40th Anniversary of the Bronco 1966-2006. This has been through a complete overhaul beginning with a sandblasted and coated frame and piece by piece from there. Most Broncos for sale are repair and patch projects. There is brief information contained here, but please see 1967BRONCO.COM for much much more. I hope that the next owner would have a chance to experience this Bronco before purchasing, but since I know these FRAME OFF AND FRAME UP RESTORATIONS are hard to find and that people coast to coast are searching for these gems, I will try to include as many pictures and as much detail as I can. Please see the website and contact me with any questions you have. In fact, I would be happy to take individual pictures of an area of the truck you have questions about and get those to you within 24 hours.

This Frame Off is ready for another 40 years, if taken care of as this one has been. It has never been kept over night outside or been on major trails. I know it was build for it, but DC is lacking in that area. This is a 1967 pieced together with many 1970's and aftermarket or modified parts. For example, the 302 wasn't introduced to the Bronco until 1969. This rebuilt and bored out 30 over engine is from a 1970’s Ford Truck. Other notable modifications include a 77 windshield frame (aftermarket electric wipers), 70’s door post and parts, 73 wiring harness, fiberglass door inserts (Baja Style), 3 speed Duff shifters on the floor, fiberglass hood with scoop, larger Ford 9" and Dana 44 axles with Disc Brakes, Bestop waterproof seats, neon under-lighting, CD player, custom Brilliant Blue Paint, plus much more. Everything is either new or remanufactured. I’ve been told it looks just like the Bronco off the show Trucks on TV. It not only looks outstanding, drives smoothly but it also sounds incredible. Some trucks have a gentle purr with a catylic converter and mufflers, but this truck has neither. With glass packs it roars like a lion, rather than purring like a cat (some states require mufflers for their safety inspection). It is a very quick truck and has no problems zipping 75MPH straight down the highway. It is licensed and registered in Virginia, yes it passes all tests.

To decrease the criminal opportunist I included many safety features (which also decrease insurance costs) such a locking hood, locking gas cap and hidden cut-off switch. Since painting it there have been a few rock chips to the radiator support so it is 99% rust free except for the headers and exhaust pipe braket, the speedo/odometer doesn't quite work, no heater, but it doesn't leak any fluid (there are wet spots on the transmission, and engine block but no dripping leaks). Those are the only things that I am still working on. The price will obviously go up as I complete those and fix the rock chips, but you can save money by doing them yourself. I figure those that are seriously looking for this type of classic vehicle will know what they are purchasing, take a serious look themselves or ask lots of questions. This is my second Bronco I have restored and after searching around for parts, clubs and other Bronco enthusiasts have come to the conclusion with others that this is the best restored and improved Bronco on the East Coast. Mt. Logan Off-Road is building a similar Bronco (with fiberglass tub) for someone in DC that will be finished in March 2006 that may out do it, but for $40K more too.

I also have MANY EXTRA PARTS (hard doors, extra bumper, lift-off hinges, center console, plus....) that will go with the truck, as well as a WEBSITE WITH FREE HOSTING for a year. Yes, I am giving the domain name (1967bronco.com) and free hosting to the purchaser of this bronco. Create a forum, personal email addresses, family site…. It is another side hobby.


• Body Painted Brilliant Blue and Silver (solid, clean cut metal, only bondo on truck covers welded pin holes where sport molding was removed)
• Sandblasted and coated frame, solid undercoating on body and in wheel wells
• Complete Rhino Lining from Firewall to end of Tailgate. With waterproof seats, you can spray it out.
• Diamond Plated Engine Compatment
• New hubs, wheel bearings, calipers, rotors ,ball joints, steering rods, driveshaft, brake lines, gas lines, emergency brake, gas sending unit, starter, clutch (3 speed on the floor), air filter, radiator flush; does not leak any fluids
• Dana 9” Rear, 44 Front and Dana 20 Transfer
• Power Brake Booster, F-150 front disc brakes, oversized 11” drums (both 75% pad life)
• F-150 Power steering
• 302 motor, from another truck, bored 30over, cammed up four barrel intake and carb, msd ignition. No mufflers, just glass-packs. Less than 3500 miles on rebuilt engine.
• New Bestop Sport Front and Fold-n-Tumble Rear seats (waterproof tough black jean fabric)
• 6 Point Roll Cage
• Dual Electric Wipers (dual speed)
• Sky Jacker 5 1/2” Suspension Lift (no body lift)
• STC Softop and soft door with Zip-out Tinted Windows (31%) Just one month old (door skins to arrive Jan 18)
• Centerline 15X10 Star Rims with New 33” Tires (90% tread left), room to fit up to 37” Swammpers
• Halogen Lights with high beam, neon under-lighting (illegal in many states, but fun for outings)
• Original 17 Gallon Rear Tank, not aux. tank at all. That was a big flop for the Bronco
• Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher
• Custom Front Bumper for Winch and Lights
• Locking Hood and Gas Cap and secret cut-off switch
• Basic CD Player Stereo System
• Grant Steering Wheel, New Gauges
• Virginia Inspection with Rare License Plates from 1967 (for those Virginia People)
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Bfix "What's a Bronco?"
Bfix "What's a Bronco?"
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Post by drewchs » Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:05 am

Where are you located and how much are you asking for it?

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