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Post by RIVRATS » Sat Nov 29, 2003 10:30 am

HELP! I have a 76' 302 and I have two dipsticks. One on the side that goes into the side of the oilpan and one in front that goes into the front of the oilpan. Which is correct/original? Do I have a non-76 oilpan? The one in front broke off inside and the one on the side indicated a quart low, which I added but it didn't register. This stick is not broke off. Any help would be great; I am in a quandry.

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Post by HD03sporty » Sat Nov 29, 2003 12:07 pm

are you sure they both run to the oil pan??
do you have a auto or manual transmission?
the early ford oil pans (pre 72) had the dip sticks running out of the side of the oil pan itself (passenger side) the later ones had the oil dipstick coming out of the timing cover......I have seen early broncos with both dipsticks installed depending on what the previous owner(s) has done with the motor itself the stock timing covers are no longer available without the dipstick mount so you either put a dipstick in the hole or plug it, the early oil pans are no longer available either so it's possible the previous owners utilized both holes (the timing cover and oil pan) for the oil dipstick,
those pans are hard to find and replace as they are of a unique shape and the oil pickups are hard to find also due to the rear sump unless you spend 400 bucks on a aftermarket miloden pan, sounds to me like the owners saved a few bucks and used a older pan on the motor....The original dipstick probably was the front one...
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Post by DirtDonk » Sun Nov 30, 2003 11:25 pm

As far as I know, ALL V8 Early Broncos came with the dipstick in the pan.
The 4wd pans, Bronco and pickup, are usually referred to as rear sump or dual sump and the tube is in the side of the pan. My '71 reads from the passenger side but I think my friends '77 reads from the drivers side so that may be the change you refer to HDO3? I never thought much about it so I guess I have to go and look at his again.
With the dual sump, your "full" reading should be with approx. 6 quarts of oil with a full oil change including filter so you can confirm that it's reading accurately by draining and refilling the oil.
The dipstick in the front is how Ford did the cars and 2wd trucks with the front sump pan so I doubt it would read accurately with a Bronco pan. You can check this of course, but I'd use the pan-mounted dipstick.
Sporty is right about blocking off the front one. Just use a small plug (looks like a miniature freeze-plug) inserted in the hole after removing any protruding tube. Or whatever works. The plug method works on Ford engines like the M's and Cleavelands where the tube goes into the block, not an aluminum front cover so check with someone on just how to plug the hole without damaging the front cover.
So it sounds like someone changed either the front cover or the whole engine at some point in it's past. No worries there, just make sure you have the correct Bronco pan and pickup and you're good to go.
I am a little surprised that the extra quart you added didn't register though. Might be worth doing that drain and refill routine that I mentioned earlier.
Good luck.

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